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Posted:So we had a partial solar eclipse here yesterday. It was really cool. I made a pinhole viewer where you project the image of the sun onto a piece of paper through a pinhole in another piece of paper. And the shadows from the spaces between the leaves on all the trees were crescent-shaped!

Biking around campus, I saw all these people standing outside with various contraptions or even just making pinholes with their fingers and looking at the shadows. And it got a bit darker. One guy in the next lab made a filter by putting together a whole bunch of pieces of over-exposed film so that you could actually look directly at the sun through it (the sun was a faint disk with a bite out of it through the filter).

But the coolest part was when I went to swim. The shadows on the bottom of the pool from the waves were all crescents. Trippy!

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Posted:hmmm, yes...partial solar eclipse in Gemini...nice, very cloudy in Melbourne tho//


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Posted:*cough*earthdreamer should start her own introduction thread for all the new COL fans she's gunna get*cough*

..what was that noise?

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Posted:ay, the first in around thirty years, was supposed to give us all a break from this gosh darn saturn pluto opposition... anyone feeling the love? i sure am! dangit if all these little cuties don't leave me alone, stop pestering me, i just might have to kiss one or two of them!! (get em off my case, you know) boy was i ready! this whole worldwide domination/conflict thing was harshin my trip, bringin me down, man, you know?

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