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Posted:Who the hell hates the people out there who pester and pester you to have a go with you fire pois. I was at the beach the other night busting out some moves with friends at some people come over and one of the guys is like "oh yeah that looks wicked gimme a try." i'm like "well I don't want you to hurt yourself.." So he fucking wouldn't stop bugging the shit out of me to have a i said FINE. I told him to be careful and twirl them just at his side...yeah do you think that's what the ass did...he started flying them around everywhere just missing himself in the face...then he hit his chest and lit his chest hair on fire.... i was like FUCK MAN..TAKE IT EASY...then he came closer and started swining them near all us peeps and that's when i was like..ok i think you've had enough .....fucking idiot man...i can't stand people that don't respect fire!!! but yeah..any of you had a similar experience?

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Posted:I know what you mean about these people being annoying. And I can empathise with your situation, just wanting to spin for your own enjoyment and some idiot comes and starts bugging you. I used to go to a lot of free parties and every time the second I lit up some one would try to get a go. It's the same when you're busking in town only worse cos they're usually drunk. It can be such a wind up. It is an occupational hazard though, I'm afraid, best faced with humour and love. I say to them I'm sorry my insurance absolutely forbids me to give anyone else a go. When they think you would but some one else says you're not allowed pacifies almost all except the most beligerent individuals.


In addition, it is a credit to your ability that you make it look so easy these dumb ass idiots think they can do it!

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Posted:Hey thistle, its been a while, good to see you.
I think I put something about this in that other similar thread. who's title I've forgotten. oops


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Posted:My friends started to pester me about having a go with my fire poi when they were drunk a while ago, I know that they only ever spin them in circles by their sides and try the figure of eight occasionally (they just like the feeling of having fire spin around them), but I'm still not comfortable with them spinning when they're drunk.

What I do now is make sure I have a spare pair of practise poi and tell them that I'm only going to let them use fire if they can prove to me that they're sober enough to spin the practise set without hitting themselves.

After smacking themselves hard enough to leave a nasty bruise, they're usually all sensible enough to leave the fire alone until they're more sober.

But there's no sense crying over every mistake. You just keep on trying till you run out of cake.


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Posted:I just started doing something that works wonderfully. I ignore them and have my safety tell them I'm deaf. works like a charm, since people dont like dealing with a disability for some reason.

and the other thread was: dont you hate it when, or the trippin hippy that pist me off

you can't have a war against terrorism because war IS's not about worshipping fire. its about making the fire want to worship you.


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