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i've been told by friends that do catering that a lot of catering companies have been using fire dancers recently for entertainment at company dinners and functions and that sort of thing. does anyone know how i can get on their books somehow, or maybe even what companies in london might be interested...? + i've heard words like fire insurance floating around. what is it? do i need it? where can i get me some? cheers

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Well one of the best things to do is mabye jus approach the owners and show em what ya can do

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Have you got any idea how much cash you could get the that kinda proformence? is it worth the effort?

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not shure about the uk but in the usa you have to have insurance then you pay again to be in this big book of insured acts wich goes to all the people who put on big shows.
then you pay again to get in another book that gives the contact info of how to get ahold of you.


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Hi Scratch.

From your questions I get the feeling you haven't done a lot of paying gigs, feel free to let me know if I am wrong about this wink

If not, There's a lot more to doing a booked gig than spinning fire with friends and I would recommend getting a few safeties who you are comfortable with to watch over you and do some busking to get the feel if you like it or not.

Non-spinners have very different requirements to spinners and if getting paid it's important to know the difference well beforehand...

As above, let me know if I'm teaching my Grandmother to suck eggs... smile

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you're not wrong smile
thanks for the advice...

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if you're gonna get into profesional spinning then take care not to a.) step on other people's toes and b.) don't undersell yourself + the skills you have learnt. as for safety, i'm not entirely sure what the rules are in this country but make sure you perform in a marked out area + have all the right safety precautions in place. there's some really good articles on here somewhere which might help....

good luck! smile
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My 2 cents/pence:
Costume is a huge step in the right direction. With a good costume you're looking like a pro before you've even done anything!
Work out your set to build from small to big (either in size of fire or personal favoutire) so that you finish with a solid ending.
Do a search for entertainment agencies and send em your promo (oops! that's step 2).
Come prepared with all you ropwn safety equipment, be aware of the space and floor surfaces you need to spin on, don't be messy when fueling up, try not to spray fuel everywhwere, keep your head up and engage your audience when spinning and smile smile
I kinda agree with what Charles says about go out busking a few times to ge tin the groove of not just having a spin but actually performing, although you might find it hard to busk fire in the uK (you're so lucky charles!)....
good luck!

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