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Posted:greetings (my first post)

I've been practicing for a bout a month and a week or so, using a light and a rather heavy poi set (ball and chain, self constructed). An idea came to me to make a spiky set, rather like a flail, a morningstar or a mace. after long consideration I decided to construct the spikes out of glowinthedark plastic and preferably attach them to a covering rather than the poi, to be able to use it on different sets.

I was wondering if anyone has ever seen a set like it, used one, made one or if you think this is a really really dumb idea.

I figure it would be quite neat if the spikes were easily detachable, so they can come off on contact, rather than ripping my skin or penetrating my skull. I have no idea how to do that though (velcro... maybe?) so I'd be overjoyed if someone could suggest something.

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Posted:Try a search (Link in my signature) for "Morning Star" - it's been discussed before smile

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