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So Patrick just informed me this morning that he's going to Russia in late December/early January...and he won't be back until mid-summer.

For my part, I'm leaving Ann Arbor in April, coming back for a few days at the endof April, then going to London, then coming back to graduate, and then going...elsewhere. And I'll be on my subinternships in February and March, so I'm functionally out of town from January on. And when he gets back, I will have moved away.

I don't find this news all that upsetting, actually. I figured our relationship was going to end either in February or when I left at the end of the year. I'd rather be free to move on to other things and leave all my ties behind when I leave.

And, besides, I pointed out that we still have to see if we'll be together then. But at the rate things are going...we will. frown

I don't want this to put a chill on our relationship. I still want to be free to fall madly in love with him, even if I know our time is limited. But on the other hand, it's going to sting like hcensoredll when he leaves, especially if I let myself do that.

Advice? Experiences?


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