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Posted:My friend just bought a digital video camera and we decided to head out to a club and film our dancing. I have a 37 meg vid of myself dancing (liquid/popping) that i want to share but i need someone to host it. Could anyone be of asistance here?

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Posted:how long is it?
my advice would be to edit out the bits u dun need, then ignore the unused colours in a reduced resolution as you convert the clip into an MPEG (i dun think that DiVX is that widely adopted yet)
Get a mate with a **cough** copy of Adobe Premiere cus it can do all of the above.
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Location: Edmonton, AB

Total posts: 877
Posted:It's already in mpeg form. I'm not sure i want to cut anymore quality out of the vid. The vid is about 2 and a half minutes.

Oh ya, if anyone wants to see it icq me, my number is 26864094.

I'm probably going to get a spinning vid up shortly also.


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