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Posted:ok so the other night I was spinning, and my friend commented on how much "better" I was then him. I made some comment about how I dont think anyone is better than anyone else, and what makes him say that I'm "better". his only response was "you do more moves then I do", and I think I said something like I'm only more practiced.

now this kinda got me to thinking. I had a point in life where I had alot of moves, but had absolutely no movement whatsoever. would this mean that I was better then these people I see who have less moves, but have alot more style? hell no! so what I'm getting at is what makes a person good, or better then someone else?

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Posted:there are different levels of skills and some people are better then others but an exact mesure is impossible as as there are so many different directions that one can go, ie this person might be more fluid but have less moves, but this person might be stiff but master very complicated things. so i see it as whoever puts on a better show, puts on a better show, whoever has more moves has more moves.

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Posted:I think this is a question for the judges of the Col3 contest...but I will offer my opinion too.

I think body movement and originallity are the most important factors. I mean when you get to a certain level everyone can pretty much do all the moves...but your personal expression comes out in how you put the moves together and how you as a person contribute to the performance.

Haha...I dunno..I'm still working on learning the moves..but this is just what I observe from watching

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Posted:Personally I think syncronization, fluidity and innovation are the key. Say you can only do the f and b weave windmill and butterfly, you can still put together an amazing set as long as...
-you keep the Poi in proper time (syncronization)
-you flow nicely from one move to the next (fluidity)
-you string the moves together in an interesting way (innovation)

I find that you can DO a move for a long time before you truly KNOW it. Once you KNOW it, once you have truly incorporated it into your repetoire, you will be able to do it flawlessly, which will allow you to feel how it could link into another move, and that will allow you to innovate.

When you can DO a move you have to remember to try it when you've spinning. When you KNOW it,
it'll just happen as you're stringing moves together. I'm certain I wrote about the difference between doing and knowing a move in another post somewhere.

Myself, I can DO quite a few tricks, but I always try to go too fast or I get overexcited and screw up. I won't consider myself good until I learn to slow down and put the moves together properly.


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Posted:Fluidity is everything, three simple moves can look incredible if they compliment each other in their execution and flow with the music.
It is good to have a wide range of moves but natural rythym is most important. This, I feel, comes about by entering into a spiritual realtionship with the fire, one of awe and respect.

By the way, Man behind the Curtain, what's with the buddhist comments? Can I have an explanation?

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Posted:goodness (if that is the correct word ) just like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder




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Posted:So does that mean that there's some bizzaro world where everyone sucks at Poi except for one guy who when they finally take the bandages off his eyes he gets to see how good he is but since it's a bizzaro world everyone, including himself, thinks he sucks...

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Posted:We ran a poll once about this sort of question. Here are the restults

Poll Title: What do you rate highest in a performance?
Fluidity of Movement 32.7% (80 Votes)
Passion or Energy 22.1% (54 Votes)
Choreography 11.8% (29 Votes)
Rhythm of Movement 9.8% (24 Votes)
Variety 9.4% (23 Votes)
Difficulty of tricks 8.1% (20 Votes)
Amount of fire 2.8% (7 Votes)
Don't know 2.4% (6 Votes)

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Posted:No Spiral, goodness is in the hands of the just, the minds of the pure and the intentions of everyone.

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Posted:Ok then how about it being down to the paerception of the individual that is watching?