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here's a pretty good move that i found the other day. while doing the 5 beat forward weave, pause after the 5th beat on the left side and let the right chain wrap around the wrist a couple times. then after switching sides, the chain unwraps off the wrist and you're free to spin either chain as fast or slow as you want. I prefer to go really fast with the left chain and really slow with the right chain. this move looks DAMNED cool. it's fire safe as long as you dont let the chain swing around the wrist too many times.

I'll get there too late if I shorten my stride, I'll get there too soon if I find me a ride, I'll never move forward if I try to hide this path that I've troden one step at a time.

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those are way fun. can you add the 5-beat wrist wrap to the end of these? I tried to explain how you can start at your shoulder and add extra beats all the way down to your wrist if you spiral it right.. no one followed me. what do you think about that? basically you have to separate them somewhat to add in the extra beats... just seperate them a lot when you're spinning one really fast, then slowly bring the wrists together as their timing comes together and pull it to the other side w/ the 5-beat leading hand.

fun fun fun.. then you can add extra beats forward weaving on the right side, come around to the left into a 3/5, continue around to the right half of the reverse weave, then add extra beats on the left half of the reverse weave. come back to center and add extra beats on the right side reverse, then back to center, around left to the forward weave, and then add extra beats to the left side to complete the "X" pattern. low right, center, left high, center, right high, center, low left... there are tons of ways to use this. I'm suprised more people don't. :shrug: wink

-- dut

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