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I cant stand it.
People who lie [censored] me to tears...
I have had experiences lately of people who say one thing to your face and then say things behind your back...
what is that all about? do you think that they are making themselves feel better by bullshitting or by building themselves up by being untruthful....?
quite frankly people who are fake to your face are plastic and I wont be wasting any more of my time on them... mad2

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as far as lying goes it sucks but some people unfortunately are prone to do it without realising others are just gready bastards like my ex gal...and best friend for that matter we were going out and i thought it was fine then i noticed her looking at my buddy so i asked her what she thought of him said she didnt like him a month later bam there going out one of my other friends says theyve bin dating for about 2 months so i ask her and she says she wanted both of us now that is just plain evil but hey its life and feces happen but yah thats my rant half on topic and what not spank

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People that lie are just too lazy to argue and too scared of facing the truth and/or the consequences of their actions. My ex left me for another girl which is mean per se but the worst thing is that he lied to me when he went to see her while we were still together and by doing that he made a fool out of me and my life.

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