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Posted:people don't appreciate fire anymore. I nearly got arrested at the beach for swinging fire. damn cops. I mean.... 5 feet from the water, on the sand... 2 VERY extinguishing materials if I remember right. anyways, I was packing my stuff up when suddenly 2 cops walked up to me. they started asking me about what I was doing and saying wow alot. I even had a fire extinguisher with me incase the ocean couldn't put the flame out. they were about to let me go. they thought I was smart and respectible about it. Then chief dickhead showed up and he didn't share the same oppinion as his two deputies, in fact, he thought it was illegal as well as a federal crime worth jailtime for. he got there yelling and screaming and obviously sexually frustrated. first thing he did was question me if I had drugs in my backpack. I laughed and asked him if he thought I was crazy (even though I occasionally do some swinging in a whole new mindset). I told him he could search if he wanted but he'd only feel like an [censored]. what can I say? I was bluffing. Then he picked up my fire extinguisher and said in his angry little voice, "this is the only reason you're not getting arrested!" I said "ok officer, thank you for not arresting me, I won't do it again." he said, "that's right you won't, you're not gonna have them." that's when the tides turned on this ugly little man.
*to be continued*

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Posted:I think all the American spinners should pull up stakes and move to the UK lol! Who's with me?

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Posted:I think bits of USA PATRIOT (a reverse-engineered acronym) are going to expire this year. (They weren't renewed IIRC.)

But it is an absolutely appalling law, and I said so at the time. So: all the Americans reading this, are you registered to vote? Working for (or contributing money to) good candidates? (I'm not, but I will before it's too late.)

If you won't vote, don't complain. (This doesn't apply if you CAN'T vote, of course.) Maybe you think your vote "won't matter," a position hard to justify given the 2000 election; who knows which state will be the next Florida? Do everything you can do to get rid of these fascist bastards; voting is the very least you can do.

Overseas folks, sorry, it's illegal for you to send money to US political campaigns, even though they may affect whether you live or die. You CAN give money to the ACLU and MoveOn, though. And no one ever said non-citizen residents can't work political campaigns as volunteers.

There is only one civilized country in the Western Hemisphere, and I don't live in it. I'd like that to change.

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