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Constructing my first set of poi fire wicks.
I have the needed 2" Kevlar wicking and basic construction technique down, catherdral, accordian etc..

Before I proceed and drills holes and such, I had a few q's....

I read that Elmers Glue should be applied to the ends/edges, etc.
What does this entail, or is it as specific as i typed it? Where does the glue go and how should I apply it?

Tucking the ends in. What's the best way to lock the ends in?? Tuck it in the side?

Washer size on bottom and top. Will larger washers effect the flame size since I'll be reducing wick surface area? Should I just put a large one (1 1/4") on the bottom and a smaller on the top??

I was going to bolt the wick together with a eyebolt ran through the center? Is this adequate or should I use a wire loop dealy?

Any help appreciated! Point me in the right direction before the hardware store see's my face again..


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I've posted my recipes online. I think they answer most of your questions.

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or examples of fire heads

Apply glue to endge. Glue will soak into the wick. Just enough to harden edges. You can add later to wickk in stages if you like.

Turn ends under itself.

Exposed washers will effect flame size, but the difference would be so minimal I doubt you would really see/notice a difference.
1 1/4" (32mm dia.)washers are a good size

If using a bolt be sure to use a lock nut.

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I would also recommend using PVA on the wick directing underneath where you are drilling. This will make it easier to drill and less likely to start fraying around the washer (which is unlikely anyway, but dangerous if left too long).

Essentially, you are just hardening the outside point-of-contact of the wick...

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2 posts
Location: Portland OR

Everyone, thanks for your help. All comments and leads answered all my questions.. Any last pointers for my first burn ???

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