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Some of you may remember from my introduction post that im a cowardly spinner and havent yet spun wiv flame........ STILL HASNT HAPPENED! argh

After spending a week psyching myself up to meet the salamanca spinners, i took everything to work and marched down to salamanca afterwards too see if i could get just a little bit sooty and maybe braver! BUT NO ONE SHOWED! argh, or it could have been that i left too early, seeing as the last bus left half an hour b4 anyone would have showed up, alas..... i am still a coward.

Oh, and btw, does anyone know where i can get decently priced Kevlar WITHIN australia? so i can get it posted to me QUICK QUICK QUICK? yay? *WhinGe*GrizZLe* fanks `


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Posted:Have U got a whole lot of fire safety devices? eg Wet towels, fire extinguishers, wet clothes.
I am a beginner and always find these make me feel a litle braver!! Call your friends and tell them they have to come round and help u, it's a life or death situation!!! (or it will be if they arn't there to put u out if you inadvertantly become on fire)

Not that I think u will light yourself up or anything.... Not everyone has that special skill like I do.....

There is a guy who sells kevlar wick at the rocks markets on Sundays in Sydney. But I don't know his name and I guess that only helps if U are in sydney.......

You could always try towel or thick fabric eg denim secured to the end of a broomstick. It only lasts for 1 or 2 spinns though(or so I have heard, never tried it myself).

I don't like living below the tropic of Capricorn..... and now I seem to be in England...... how did I get here???



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Posted:well well wlll flynt, the best place to order kevlar (not in bulk) is Juggle art in melbourne.
cheach out there web page.
p.s got to ording first


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Dont WORRY!!!!!!

I hate to be all Nike about this but u just do it...
Just make sure u dont try any tricks u dont know WELL with poi that isnt on fire! I have found that that can be quite nasty...

Also praticing with the unlit poi u will later light up is very useful so u get used to the weight and pull of them!!!

Dont worry so much just take out some friends and, as the others said, have safety equipment at hand so if anything goes wrong it can be fixed quick... Oh its also good to know what to do with the safety stuff so make sure ur friends are prepared!!!

Trust me once u light them up once u wont want to stop!!!! It gets addictive!!!

Anyway good luck to u and take care, Drome!!!!



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Posted:i have to have friends now?????? GODDAMMIT!

*mutters under her breath*

I practice heaps with my poi as they are, problem is tho, i dont have wicks for them, so i have no idea about the weight ratio and someone once told me that having them lit changes the aerodynamics anyways......

ARGH! on a more social note. Can someone find me a flat to move into? I have a dead deer hanging up a few metres away from me in the shed that i sleep in.......

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