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Location: Kamloops, BC

Ok, having recently met no less than 5 people in the region who had experience with fire toys and had no idea there was even a Firedancing and Drumming Association in the city I'll just make a post for this.

Weekly gatherings occur in the City of Kamloops on Friday nights, start time is usually when the sun goes down (or 9-10pm in the summer). Location is at the Riverside Park Bandshell in the downtown core by the river.

We usually go from Early spring (March/April) until Fall (september/october). Anyone from out of town (travelling through) is very welcome to stop on by. All fire toys are welcome, and if you're a drummer or want to learn to drum, that's good too wink.

Just putting this in for the lurkers around here who have no idea we even exist wink *glares at the hidden masses* :P

Sarah_BearSILVER Member
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Location: Kamloops, Canada

Hey my name is sarah and im just getting into poi, unfortunately i cant find anywhere here in kamloops to learn, i have a video, but i think it would be alot easier if there was someone to teach me, you know hands on? I heard about fridays in the park, unfortunately i work fridays, any suggestions? i need some help please:)

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Just wanted to throw this in... Not too sure if we are a real Association, if we are... WE should really look into having a permit to use the space and for the fire arts!
I know myself that there is a by-law in Kamloops preventing open fire, which can be construed to mean, yes, Fire Arts. I have recieved, myself, a warning from a peace officer that there is to be no fire spinning in the park, and there is a possible $500 fine to go along with that.
I myself have been still practicing with fire and will continue to do so, but if and I know there is enough, we can get the support we can challenge this by-law to at least disclude fire spinning from the fire ban.

If anyone else would like to help me with this incentive, please feel free to email me at I would love to chat more!

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