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I've already tried doing a search on this topic and couldnt find anything to help. I cant do behind the back weave to save my life, if i smash the back of my legs in one more time i think i might cry! Has anybody got any really clear videos or a totally uncomplicated explanation!!!! Theres not much point in learning any other moves til i get his one sorted! x

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I think the #1 fix for behind the back weave is to make sure you're bringing your opposite arm to the other side of your body enough. Most people THINK they are but are not.

If you're looking ahead of you in a mirror, you should SEE your right hand come out left of your left hip, and you should SEE your left hand come out right of your left hip.

$1 says you're not bringing your hands far enough to the opposite side. biggrin

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perhaps not the most original location, but it was bloody difficult, and it was quite dark.

i had these visions of leaving super cool pretty green trails behind me all down the piste.

what i actually got (my brother captured it on film) was my face planted in the snow, ass in the air, and one of my poi stuck in my ribs. quite sore, but nothing a little aprs-ski wouldn't sort out!! biggrin

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