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Fiona Veira


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Posted:Hello! we organise a free, open to all event in London. It's called The Creative Swing and it's for all types of creative people and performers to show their work, acts, etc.
I was wondering whether there are any spinners or jugglers who might want to come along, to enjoy the evening, and also maybe to do some spinning and juggling!
More info on the event:
The Creative Swing
The Creative Swing is a group of artists, performers, musicians, designers, dancers, film-makers, actors, writers, photographers and other creative people.

We have set up a new free, open event to show our work and to develop creative projects. At each event we display artwork, stage short performances, dance sets, films, music, plays, games, costumes, story telling, comedy, mixed media projects and anything else that the artists and performers prepare for the night.

This Creative Swing will be hosted by the Clerkenwell Literary Festival, so it will be a good opportunity to get some exposure!

The main goal of The Creative Swing is to develop a space where creative people can get together to share their time, ideas and energy. It is a good place to try new stuff out, get feedback and meet people to work with in new projects.

If all this sounds good to you, please get involved. We are looking for performers who may be interested in getting involved at the next Creative Swing, even if just at ideas stage at this point.

Send us an e-mail or come along on the 11th July. It is open to everybody, creative or less so!

The Creative Swing
11th July (Sunday)
5pm late
Dust, 27 Clerkenwell Road, EC1 (Farringdon/Old Street tube)

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Posted:what a top idea! sounds like a great place to go! i aint sure whether i'm QUITE good enough to perform or not but hell, i'd give it a go. live in manchester n a busy next sunday anyway but DEF up for coming soon....send us a pm or contact me on 07739 756484 n we'll sort it! any chance of a north west off shoot starting up?

It's smashing to be back x