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Posted:Can you guys help me find some stuff?
i need a place to buy firestaff stuff IN CANADA IN CANADIAN PRICES!
I'd buy from here but ordering internationally is too much of a trouble for me.

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Posted:Hi, I bought a really dodgy telescopic staff from these guys, they might be able to help.

Compleat Gamester Inc.
350 Moody St. Waltham MA 02453
Visit us at
Telephone 800-698-9505

Have a look there. I got mine through ebay and had it delivered to ireland. Have a root around on ebay yerself. Saving that look for stores that do juggling equipment. If they dont stock fire toys they can likely get them.

My two cents, save up and get one from here. I got the inner core and have never looked back...

Hope this helps


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Posted:thanks, but this is in america.
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