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Already posted it on Spherculism, imo a very nice concept when done CLEAN. Nothing more than a weave-hyperloop tangling at the handles.
The difficulty is not only to keep the Poi in contant-splittime. Furthermore one has to take care that there is no change of the speed when entering/exiting the tangle and that the hands move fluently during the tangle. From outside one should not be able to see a difference between tangled or not.
A nice concept since one can break out of the standard weave pattern and do as many beats as he wants (depending on the thickness of the strings/chains used, but fluent and clean 11+ beat weaves should be enough for the beginning).
Very difficult with sock- and tailpoi due to their high air-resistance.
And dont forget to practice tangled weaves with either Poi leading.

good luck - whos with me ?


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I learned how to do those with my glowsticks... coming out was a little sketchy at times but I understand the concept. If you get good at the exit, I give you props.

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I was experimenting with something similar, while trying to do a 7 beat weave,the most difficulty I had was moving the poi from onside of my body to the other without losing the momentum!

*runs back outside to try again*


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I don't know how many beats I can do with them and I don't do them too regularly but I know what your talking about.

Do you find you have to kind move your hands in a strange way to keep them in split time. Difficult to explain but it kinda involves moving them backwards sometimes or often having to pull hard to the other side of your body to unwrap.

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youre talking infinite outside tangles?

if so then i know what you mean smile

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I don'tknow if this is how little dude did it in tt2, but I use those to do a onehanded weaves and to teach people hyperloops..

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Written by:

Do you find you have to kind move your hands in a strange way to keep them in split time

This is what you have to avoid, otherwise it looks sloppy. Try to reduce the hand movement to an absolute minimum. Once you got this feeling down you can do clean flowers etc. as well.

Poi is fun


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