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Posted:I'm new to spinning, and still trying to decide what sort of wick I should get/make, and I'm leaning towards either a cathedral fold or monkey fist. What do you all think about these kinds of wicks?


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Posted:Go up to the top of the page, click 'news', the 'articles'.....There lots of helpful stuff there, such as 'Examples of making fireheads' which you may find useful.

likewise, the use of the appropriately titled 'Search' function, for 'cathedral,' gave me these useful links...

helpful info #1


helpful links #2

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Posted:I had already seen all of that except for the last link, which was very helpful. Thanks!


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Posted:Its a matter of preferance and the real question is bigger flames vs longer burn time. Cathedrals have very nice size/shape flames while the monkey fists last forever. I personally have the cathedrals and am happy with the choice. Ive seen monkey fists (though, never spun with them) and dont like the flames as much. Also, the flames on both seem to dim out around the same time so while the monkey fists burn longer, they burn brightly for about the same amount of time. They might burn forever but they still dont look too great for the last 5 mins.

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Posted:i reckon its all down to choice as well, personally i prefer monkeys, mainly cos i refer teh slightly heavier weight, but i have played with flids own creation that use cathedrals and they are rather nice also...

there is no diffinitive discussion about whick wick is best, its all own to you, see ifyou can get a use of both, and if not you could always get one set now, and one set later????

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Posted:I was at Oddballs in Camden Town a few weeks back and the guy there said he didn't like monkey fists. If the kevlar smoulders and breaks a strand of rope, will the whole thing fly apart?


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I prefer monkeys personally. I like just having the ball, it makes a few things easier..well, maybe just the spinoff circle

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