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striggySILVER Member
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this is my first time experimenting with color. i read the faq and threads but haven't seen this addressed.

how long does the mixture generally last? for example, will the solution of chems and fuel remain "active" if i were to store it for use later on? or is it a one shot thing only?

specifically i was thinking of using lithium chloride and denatured alcohol for the fourth of july. i would like to experiment with it beforehand, however, i'm not sure if the mixture would still work (or be as potent) after sitting around for a few days.

does it even matter?

BirdBirdGOLD Member
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As far as I know the mixture shouldn't get any weaker by being made in advance, unless the lithium Chloride should drop out of the solution.

if this does happen, it will only need a shake in a bottle to re-dissolve it!(i think)


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