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Hi Folks

What I'm trying to do is a fairly standard flick up (I dont know the correct name for this move as its not included in my own style of martial art). Body lying down, flick up into a stance.

So im lying down, staff lying accross my body (position of staff undecided), I want to flick up into a standin/crouching position letting the staff travel up over my head while giving it a nice spin for a burn off on the way, while its in the air I step under, turn around it and turn and catch it coming down on the other side.

The fine tuning is in the position of the staff as there are two different ways I can flick my body up.

1. using my neck as a spring board leaving my hands free to hold the staff where ever (this I can do). With the right timing you can go from a rotor lying down to a helicoptor standing up like this too. (im sure there is a way to catch the staff between your legs for a move here too but i know nuthin about leg work)

2. putting both my hands flat on the ground behind my head (what you would do to go into a crab position in gymnastics, elbows up, fingers pointing back towards the body). Now, where do you put the staff.... im thinkin accross my neck/armpits, held down with my chin. When i flick up and whip my head back, the staff should roll up my neck, then the backs of my arms as my body comes up and into my hands. Presto the rest is just follow through (I cant do it yet though).

Anybody else experimenting with this sort of move or have any experience/advice?

Apologies if this isnt clear (it is in my head) and for the lenghty explanation. I've never tried to explain a move before (or posted in this section for that matter *creeps in and makes sure no one is looking before cautiously hitting continue*)

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sounds good - make sure you can do the flick up you are talking about realyl wel before adding a fire staff to the mix.

I think you will find it difficult to throw a staff upwards while maintaining momentum for the flick up, so its just a matter of getting the flick up strong enough to make up for it.


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