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Posted:This came up on a mailing list I am on just yesterday, and seeing as how "altered states" is back up top I thought I'd share....

To me it's nice to know what people think, and from around the world no less. Drugs may not be teh legal deal they can be in the states elsewhere, i dunno. And I doubt Malcom is selling info on us to any govt or organization... however....

quote: Your messages are not secure (unless you are using
encription systems). I have scripts that can sit and packet sniff; the
gov't is allowed to packet sniff anything. And it's not just the content
that you have to worry about, sadly. Most of my research shows what can
be learned about people through headers. Eek.

As for IM, all of that goes through a central server; some of those
servers store data. AOL/Yahoo/MS are known for giving data to the gov't.
You make your call.

Also, remember that in the last few months, they have been arresting
people for putting up "drug propoganda" websites (folks that say the
(dis)advantages of doing drugs... stuff similar to hyperreal). They are
going after folks talking about 3 drugs in particular: GHB, LSD, Ecstasy.
Tell me that's really about terrorism....
note this is info from the states relevant to them, but i know some of you out there live here, and i'm just makin a mention....

this bother anyone besides me?

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Posted:this is not new. The internet was borne from a gov't need to connect it's mainframes in case of inihilation of an area. Hence, all traffic is monitored.

Not the mention the above, if you have ever used the internet to buy something, there's probably a file with your name on it with all of your personal information (name, address, dob, ss, bank account numbers, cc number) linking your IP address and even your computer serial.

The internet is considered public domain, so you have NO right to privacy unless you encrypt. I'm sure the gov't is harvesting this crop of info to it's full potential. Globally.

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Posted:I read an article in the Times (London not NY) that stated that Britain had allowed a US radar and telecom base to be established in the North under the cover that it was an RAF base. Through this facility all phone calls, faxs, emails, web posts, etc in Europe are all monitored and sent to super computers in Maryland where they are sifted through for key words relating to matters of US government interest.

This was a most disturbing read, not only because it was reported in a reputable broadsheet, but also because it was the subject to direct and official complaints by the French government at the US that this information had been used to give the Americans an industrial advantage for one of their larger corporations in competition with a leading French firm bidding for the same contract.

Conspiracy, truth, each one's as far fetched as the other as far as I can tell.

Kyrian, you're from around Mryland aren't you? The plot certainly thickens!

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Posted:OK, As a computer tech person. I would like to point out a few things first.

#1 If you are sending information through any network if a tech for said company wants to get it he/she will.Most companies keep mirror files of all information that is sent through their network (that means every keystroke is recorded) The question is how long that they keep it.

#2 For most tech operators on corporate networks, yes we can get every scrap of info off of a network that we want to but, why would we want to.Their has to be a reason for doing that many hours of work sifting through hours of mindless drivel to find out that you're going to a teen porn chat room or something stupid like that.

#3 As for the U.S government getting info on people I think that they are being given way too much credit. Look how many shots have gotten past the goalie lately. If we are so damn advanced with our snooping how come we can find out who is sending video takes of a certain terrorist.

#4 And lastly the internet and any other communication through someone else's tech is just like going to the red light district in your home country. You can look at all the obscene material and drug paraphernalia you want to just don't announce who you are are and don't draw attention to yourself. Their is a reason why people get busted for talking to drug dealers and prostitutes, cause they are doing something stupid usually.

Now if your so paranoid that the government is looking at your PC for something to bust you on go buy some techware like PGP (encryption software), hide your IP address and a be done with it, or you could always start writing letters.

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Posted:at first glance, this topic scared me.