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Posted:I have read on this site that people can do 30foot firebreaths. I find this alarming! My biggest are around 5foot. However I do not consider myself a firebreather, rather someone who adds a firebreath to a spinning routine for added interest.
I want to know two things:
1. Will I ever be able to do a 30 foot firebreath?
2. Is it possible to get such a large flame ball in the middle of a staff routine or does it have to be something where you stop spinning, pause, concentrate, breath, recover start spinning again? Kind of a minute long pause in the dance?
All you fire breathers, please send me your advice for massive fireballs!

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Posted:30'! That's impressive. Pele has gotten 20' pillars of flame while blowing in an arena.

1) Who knows. Maybe with practice but I'm sure everyone's capabilities are different.

2) Getting a large ball is very difficult during a routine. If you pause the spinning, blow through the torch, then continue spinning the fire blow will be larger. If you blow through the spinning, then it will be smaller.
I would think it'd be easiest to do early in the routine so that you could already have the fuel in your mouth, blow it out, then continue without holding it too long. Or you could pause, fuel, blow, continue but that would be more awkward I would think.

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