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Hi all, I am back to spinning poi after a long (year-long) break. It feels great to be back. The other night I span HARD, had a great time and all went great. The thing is, the next few days after my spinning session, my wrists were KILLING me. They were very sore and tender.

Anyone else ever experience this? If so, are there any stretches a person can do to stretch out the muscles before a hard-core spin session?

Thanks for your help!

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I find that after spinning for long periods of time my shoulders hurt. So far I have found nothing to prevent this. After I am done ice sure does feel nice though.

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I bet you have injured your tendons in your wrists. Don't try to stretch your muscles too much because your tendons need to heal. I did something similar once, I hadn't worked out hard in a gym in over a year. I worked out with a frend just like I used to hardcore burnouts and all. I ended up with partial ruptures in my biceps tendons and some of my forearm tendons. I was stuck like a praying mantis for two weeks. When you start working out after not having worked out in a while, unfortunately you have to ease into it. I usually suggest with weights high reps with low weight for the first two weeks to get your tendons back in to shape. With poi, I'd suggest taking it easy for a little bit and ease back in to it. If it hurts stop or you could be compounding the problem. When you feel better do a little a day to get in to shape for the hardcore stuff.

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yikes! it feels ok now (i havent spun since) but for like two days after it was sore.sore.sore. so i guess i should go with age-old exercise advice of actually warming up the muscles before going full throttle with them. makes sense. i just got so excited after having been away from poi spinning for so long. i dont think i ripped any tendons (god i hope not) but my wrists certainly were sore. so i'll do the warm-up concept in the future.

and if it hurts afterwards, than i can always ice the muscles....

thanks for your two cents =)

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