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I'm going to describe the isolated version as it's probably a bit easier to learn. Doing it unisolated is a bit trickier timing-wise.

I found it easier to learn in reverse by a fair way, once I had it backwards I could get the forwards one pretty quickly. If you're finding bits of this tricky try learning to do standard 5-beat weave without actually touching your arms at any point... i.e. the twisting hand curls around the other arm without making contact.

Start in reverse 5bt. On the right hand side your right arm would normally come under the left and twist around your left wrist... instead of twisting there it the poi should loop over your left arm and go in between your arms in the buzzsaw plane - so the poi head is coming towards your face.

As soon as it's in the buzzsaw plane the left poi follows it into the buzzsaw plane. To stop them wrapping around your arms/each other you need to do a barrel roll - basically rotate your arms around each other in the same direction as the poi. The timing here is the key to getting this move - you have to start the barrel roll pretty much as soon as the first poi has started doing the buzzsaw. You rotate each of your arms through 360 degrees and at the end of it you'll be on the left hand side with your right arm on top of the left... i.e. where you'd finish a normal reverse weave of any kind. Doing the barrel roll is the "untwist" part of a 5bt weave.

This is the isolated version... because your arms are never in contact the barrel roll part means the bit in the middle is an isolated buzzsaw (in fact each poi will almost be lying on the other arm at the start of it because your left hand is to the right of your right hand and vice versa). Non-isolated is just do standard wrist-touching 5bt and you have to either rotate your hands around each other instead of doing a barrel roll or have one hand sort of "jump" over the other arm... this is the notcoleman5 variant.

Forwards is pretty much the same - on the right hand side the right hand loops over the left so that poi comes up next to your face in a fowards isolated buzzsaw, roll your arms around each other forwards to exit on the left side.

To turn clockwise you need to start the turn when you're on the left side of your body (it's 5bt so you turn to the opposite side as your poi), go into the buzzsaw turning so that the barrel roll part is the middle of the turn - once you get it smooth its completely isolated throughout the turn and you can go straight back into this move.

Also while doing the barrel roll you can stop both arms, wrap and go back the other way... you can always do this with isolated buzzsaws.

*pauses for breath*

Ok, that's it. When it's smooth it looks gorgeous, a lovely corkscrew motion across your body. In fact, I'm sure you could keep it isolated all through the move... just need to get the start and end isolated.

There are other exits if you stop the barrel roll at the right point. Going backwards I can come out into a vertical airwrap (i.e. going right to left and looking left my right hand is at 12 and my left at 6 o'clock) and going forwards I can come out via a hyperloop under my arm - stop the barrel roll when your right hand is at 9 and your left at 3 o'clock again going R->L and looking left and the hyperloop goes under your left arm. Each of these should work going the other way, but it seems a lot harder... I think because they're inside->outside rather than outside->inside.

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