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Posted:I was watching that David Lynch film yesterday. you know ? some kind of a 10km/h road movie about a man travelling through the USA to see his brother on a tractor...

I personnaly loved it , and realized how we are (or is it just me ? I doubt it) stuck living crazy stressfull lives... everything is fast : fast food, fast talks, fast sex, fast films, fast music... And watching this film go at its own little pace I realized how many things I am missing doing everythign so fast sometimes... (including the weave )

Just sharing with you

shine on

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Posted:I had the the same thought a couple of weeks ago while I was driving home from work (fast) so i slowed down and thats when I realised the buety of the place I was driving through we all need to take time out from the speed of life occationaly so we can truly appreciate whats around us.

Good point cass


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Posted:Last month, my car was broken for a good three weeks and I was stuck taking the buses, which are horrible in LA. It really made me think though about how I was always rushing about to one place or another, usually spending too much money. It really made me condense where I was going and how much I was spending. Then my car got fixed and I more or less fell into my old ways, but hey, it was fun while it lasted. That and the bus driver let me ride for free because he liked me and told me funny stories about his experiences buying porn.

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Posted:Cass, know exactly what you mean. We rush about constantly and rarely take the time to chill and appreciate everything.

Fast can be fun, but by endlessly rushing about we miss out.

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.:* Moon Pixie *:.

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Posted:I remember one time when I was really tierd and in abit of a daze. I was walking down the main street of the city at rush hour... but walking in the opposite direction to everyone else. I remeber wearing something colourful and everyone else all in suits drab and grey... It felt strange as if I was fighting the flow of a river.

They we all rushing and all had grim sturn expressions and I was all chilled out and calm... I felt so out of place.

Sort of reminded me of that...

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Posted:I'm with you guys on this, I work in a large office building and the people I work with rush everywhere on their lunch hour all the time. They think I am crazt to spend an hour in the park out back playing with a baton, but you know what I'm the one with no ulcers and I am the one who has a positive outlook on life and generally I am the one they come to when stress gets them down and they need a reality check, I guess they just like my reality better!


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Posted:QUOTE [
The first thing that strikes you about students at the University of Waterloo is how quickly they walk: faster than parliamentary assistants, Bay Street business people or rush-hour commuters. Arms pumping, legs churning, they burn across the park-like campus as if surging towards some invisible finish line.

Do we need to be like this?? See just cos i'm always late for lectures doenst mean i'm a bad person, i'm just savouring the day

or am i just making excuses for walking dreamily???

vic xx

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Posted:ehhe, as an officebound wage-slave, i actually perverse enjoy watching people hurry thru their lives, eager to win the race (hurry! i have a death to work up to!) ever since easter confest I have truly opened my eyes to the powerful feeling of serenity simply by realising what tiny, little difference it makes to rush through life! I go crazy (or is that crazier still?) if i don't return to the bush now n then.
what really helps me separate from suit-life stress is my babies on Lamb, KruderDorfmeister, or the Exxos Dune album. the luxury of being slightly late is that you enjoy the massive part of your life that is spent 'getting somewhere'. hooray for the sloth life! even during my favourite DJ's set (PvD) I still spent time to walk around the chillout areas and made silly friends, instead of panic dancing my way to the front. to be sure, it is ironic that initialy it is considerably not-easy to take it easy!

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You guys have it sussed. Many people go through life at a hectic pace and forget to spend time to enjoy it. My escape from the suit life is to the beach (Haven't been there in a while though). There is nothing like the tranquil crash of the waves on the beach.

"Life is what you make of it"

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Posted:true thoughst cass.... i find myself rushing far too much. and things go so much faster when i don't rush them.....

ah well. we shall see what tomorrow brings

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still can't believe it's not butter
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Posted:It's funny,..

ahhah ahah hahahahahaha

no wait, wrong kind of funny.. *ahem*

it's funny cus when you do manage to transcend the extravagant pettiness of city life, it's like you've stumbled on a secret! and what a revelation it is!
the inner peace is easy once the inner, emotional turmoil is dissolved.
the biggest start to this inner peace is to honestly recognise just how little we follow what we value (a good example is that I like to think of myself as a nice guy, but cut me off on the westgate freeway and I'll redefine road rage grrr ) you'll be very surprised at what you'll see.

"Unquestionably, the poor 'Intellectual Animal' wrongly called man not only knows not, but moreover, he doesn't even know that he knows not.."
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Posted:I guess our society is screwy in that you have to run around like a decapitated chicken just to stay alive.

The only people who get to live more relaxed lives are those who are extremely wealthy (poor people always have to worry about money), which isn't something that I really aspire to.

As for me, I'm surprised my hair hasn't started falling out.


-Mike )'(
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Posted:i understand where you all are coming from with this. I always used to rush around thinking about what I was going to do next rather than enjoying the moment. When I got a car I had much more time because travelling became easier but somehow I seemed to be in even more of a rush.

I recently did a meditation course where I learned of something called "mindfulness" which is basically living in the now and noticing the small things. For example just be aware of what you are doing now and be grateful eg: " It is wonderful that I am here in the library typing words that people all over the world will read". You can do it for anything, no matter how small. Even the most mundane tasks become satisfying when you pay attention to what you are doing and stop your mind from wandering to what you will be doing next.

The guy who invented the Alexander Technique also wrote about rushing around. He called it "end-gaining" It is the same principle as what I said above about enjoying the now. "End-gaining" can cause all kinds of problems, from stress through to phisical illness. It is characterised by leaning forward as you walk and rushing around.

Check it out, look at people and you will be able to tell which walkers (and drivers) are "end-gaining" and those who are "mindful".

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Posted:Fast Sex Cassandra? You trying to say something?!

I can say that one of the better perks of being a teacher is the summer. That's when I do get to go at my own pace. Wake up, eat, sleep when I want to. Maybe I'll add "have sex" to that list too...

Kali, I feel for you. I was carless in LA for a few years. I'd spent more time chatting up bus drivers (as in LA you're usually the only one on the bus)... I can say I met an impressive amount of hookers. They usually wait to be "picked up" at the bus stops. It was kinda funny. We'd make bets as to who was going to get picked up first (me by the bus or them by "Johns")... they would ALWAYS win.

Leave it to me to turn such a nice thought into hookers and sex.

Happy Friday all, and I'm going to have a nice, relaxing weekend...

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Posted:NYC, that was great. I believe you about the hookers. When I was younger and had to take the bus I used to get guys trying to pick me up all the time. It was horrible. Then weirdos would try to hit on me on the bus so I would tell them I was engaged or something and all of sudden, there was their stop.
It was funny because this time around, I would try to give the driver money and he gave it back to me. Also gave me his number and I asked him if I went out with him would he pick me up in the bus like a really big (and ugly) limo?

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