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Fireworks Dance Company is crankin out Term 3 classes from July 25th. For $10 a class you can learn from professional performers with years of stage experience stuff like Capoeira, Acrobalance, all fire arts, (poi staff devils doubles eating) circus skills inc. contact juggling, unicycle, diabolo, stilt walking, Dance inc. Bellydance, African Dance and Breakdance. Held on Sundays from 2pm, indoors in a beautiful big space with huge mirrors, heating, light and sound. ...just off Smith Street, Fitzroy. Casual classes and full terms available. email workshops@fireworksdance.com.au for more info or check us on the web at www.fireworksdance.com.au

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vyvyan... don't you already have this thread [Old link] rolleyes hug

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Sounds fun! you guys should have like a newspaper spread on it or something!

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