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New to the board... and new to staff.
Made myself a basic practise staff earlier today and I've been playing about with it following a brief chat with a couple of people I met in the centre of town.

I've pretty much got the 'windmill' with both hands at the front of the body in both directions - and that's really about it thus far.
I have a couple of questions...

First one has probably been asked to death, but how the hell does the Figure-8 work? Every time I try it, I end up with a twisted wrist which won't go any further. Should the staff be moving between my fingers or just my index finger and thumb? Should the staff be moving on both sides of my body or not? Any advice on this would be appreciated, because I gather that it's the basic move from which most tricks come.

Second thing is how to pass from hand to hand behind my back starting from the two-handed windmill - every time I try it I end up with the staff hitting my leg. I can't seem to figure it out.

Anyway I'm going back out to the garden to try and work some stuff out... Hi all and bye for now smile

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Hey welcome to staff and to the board.

My 2 cents for the figure 8 are: Hold the staff with a full grip and not just 2 finger, like you would a tennis raquet (later on you might find the staff spinning in a circle created by linking your thumb and index finger, i think this is okay and I do this :P).

Try to think of only one end of the staff, or more to the point, just think of the end which is the same side as your thumb. Then just try 'rowing the boat' with this end of the staff, trying to make it pass next to your left knee then on the other side past your right knee (this ofcourse can be moved to the side of your body where it can pass infront and behind your right knee).

If you can do this all good, then try minimalising your moves, focussing on use your wrist more and your arm less.

- Klaymen

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