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Ive been playing around with wraps and I found that if you start with the forward swing butterfly then wrap your right poi around your left forearm then pull it back behind your back and wrap the poi around the same arm then pull it back around to the front it can go right back to the butterfly and people go nuts when they see it. Please tell me if anyone has ever tried this, and if not you should.

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yeah.. since your in the butterfly you can bring them both btb and hit a same time bicep wrap in the back (right on right bicep lef to left bicep) then have them switch (left on right bicep and right on left bicep) and then bring it back over head from btb to a forward butterfly..

also if you really like btb butterfly wraps I have a clip of the btb tick tocks.. basically right on bottom right bicep, left on bottom left bicep. tick tock to switch them from right to left bicep and left to right bicep.. then switch them over from bottom to top of the bicep... (right on top of left bicep and left on top of rright bicep) and finally the second tick tock to bring it right to top right bicep and left to top left bicep.. from there you can either lather rinse repeat or go into something else..

yeah and since I love to diagram things.. (although I have a vid of me doing this.. )

l<- -> r


r <- -> l


r<- ->l


l<- ->r

those are the 4 steps... it should be a semi circle arc from 1 to 2, full cirlce from 2 to 3, and a semi circle from 3 to 4..

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