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ello, watched the movie Big Fish the other day and theres a scene i wanted to ask about, hokay, so, in the scene the love of his life the main character is at a circus, and theres this girl doing tricks with hula hoop type thingys, the movie she's doing looks rather poi like, can anyone tell me anything about this? thank you, just wanted to know>>>

on second thought this probaly should of gone in the moves discussion thread, oh well>much luv

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This belongs in the Other Toys forum.

and so I move it.


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Do a search and you'll find threads on this.

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Seen a couple of different people doing flaming hula hoop routines - looked fabulous.
The wicks were suspended outwards from the hoop, so you could spin in around your neck etc quite safely - Looked great - I'd try it, but always sucked at Hula rolleyes

I smile because i have no idea whats going on!! biggrin

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Posted: biggrin

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