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Today at 10:00 am (MST) I paid some dentist $250 to rip out all four of my wisdom teeth.

Now my mouth is packed all fuzzy with gauze.
And my head is packed all fuzzy with codine.

And I'm really freaking out cuz I can't smoke, can't eat anything solid, and I can't even chill out with a beer. Yeah, definately freaking out.

You may, if you wish, consider this a plea for sympathy.

Jesus helps me trick people.

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my mate's gums grew back over her wisdom teeth coz there was no room for them to come through..she got a load of rotting food stuck in there and had to have them removed
sorry for bein gross

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Well, once you have your wisdom teeth I'm sure you can do something useful with it....

Non-Https Image Link

biggrin biggrin

I have also seen this done with cufflinks,bracelets, earings and necklaces.

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 Written by: Rouge Dragon

No cracking onto the bridesmaids for you then! ubblol

*ahem* ubblol

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 Written by: Rouge Dragon

why havent we evolved so that we dont grow the damn painful things?

I think we are, its just really slow.

Some people are born with like 3 or 2 and some dont have em all together, so probably future generations wont have to worry about them, darn future generations... ubbrollsmile

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