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Posted:for all of you guys!

Click here to find out more.

lets hope we are all in for long and prosperous lives.
I'm sure Mike can point out a few flaws in the test. i know i can! ubbrollsmile

i'm 22 now and i have 60.8 years left. that means ive got until about january 2065! eek

I dont mean to be morbid and lets face it, i dont think its gonna be 100% accurate! wink

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Remeber kids.... Its all fun and games until someone loses a bol**ck! biggrin

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Posted:81.2 yrs.... 60 old yrs to go...... yay for me

watching the world go by!!!!

Trick ferret on the making hehe!!!!
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Posted:Your life expectancy is 88.8 years

hmm.. so umm minus 18... and a bit...
thats kinda like... umm... 60.. no.. 70 and a bit?
So im gonna die probably August-ish 2074...

hmm... would've liked to make a century...
stupid tests, they cant be right. confused

Where was the option for:
"Will you be hit by a truck in the next 20 years?"

And Rouge>>> It will probably be a letter from the King then... but maybe a new queen. Who knows? But its a letter. I like letters.



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Posted:90.2 ... wicked cool


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Posted:91.2 years

quite please with that.... as long as i'm not demented, rocking myself in an armchair all day long, surrounded by cats, and smelling of wee..... ubbloco ubbloco

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Tao Star

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Posted:90.8 not bad!

I had a dream that my friend had a
strong-bad pop up book,
it was the book of my dreams.


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Posted:It said i'm gonna live 84.4 years. I'm 23 now sooo... i have about 60.6 years left.

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