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Posted:does anyone know who they are, perhaps mal would let us know, cos i really like th pic, and would like to know who it is, just cos im nosy! biggrin

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Posted:That was the first thing I thought when I saw the new look site!


mystery spinners!

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Posted:ditto !

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Posted:good question!! also - who took the pic? it's great!! biggrin

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Posted:They are from the group "Fire Performers" oh,and they suck!!

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Posted:hello flame dude! welcome to your board! I dunt want to sound like a flippin hippy nor nuthin but i find all firetwirling absolutely beautiful. In fact not many other art forms moves me in the same way! peace

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Posted:The spinners in the new logo is Crazy Raver Dude, you can view the pictures in the old photo gallery.
Welcome flame dude, thats a bit of a harsh comment where is the love man, positive posts make the whole place better for all. I personally think the photos are pretty cool. weavesmiley cool


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Posted:I think the picture's great, and it seems a lot of people had the same thought as me on their first view of the sexy new HoP!


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Kapura Mataaro

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Posted:i think it shows off hop nicely! its very cool....

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Posted:The spinners in the Picture are mostly memebers of the Fla fire arts group which meets on clearwater beach in Fl .It is Myself ,Mitchell the Fire Shaman, Shibaki, Jennifer Steele.I think Max aka Crazy raver dude might be the 5th one in it but im not sure we took so many pictures that night .

Flame dude your right we do suck why dont you come out and show us how to spin .Or maybe buy some of the circles of light videos and see how many of thoose names you see on them ; )

It was rather odd seeing that picture posted here but very flattering that our picture was choosen out of all the pics out there that could have been used.

Fla fire arts was going to submit a group video for Col5 but we have so much talent at our meets we could never fit it into the 5 min time frame.

Thanks to Shibaki our group has hours upon hours of edited to music Fire Spinning and dancing videos made 5 in all Just about every fire tool you can think of is used between the 5 one hour or so videos of our various meets.

Fla Fire arts offers theese videos for free to any GROUP that wants to exchange videos of their meets it is our way of drawing the fire groups closer toghter and exchanging our various styles and tricks.
We always enjoy watching the different styles people have . If your the leader of a group and wish to exchange videos email me at videos are not to be sold or reproduced they are purely for sharing knowlage and styles.

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Posted:"Flame" Dude? ubblol

Oh well. I really like the photograph smile

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