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Location: Gloucester/Southampton

Hi, would anyone be interested in having a bit of a regular gathering in the gloucester area now that the summer has arrived and the nights are long and warm biggrin

to spin some fire and have some fun, maybe some bongos and a drink and some food and even maybe a big domed circus tent with trapeze, clowns with big red noses and an elephant standing on a podium........................

would be good to get something organised which happened each week maybe, or even just a one off.


I owe Mr. Lister everything sir, if it wasn't for him, I'd be normal.

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greetings fellow fire merchant!
name a place for a meet-probably a one-off for me-i live in chippenham wiltshire so will only be able to get down for a day but sure thing-put more psots up and get a date! smile-too motivated anyways later

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