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Posted:hello... i wasn't sure if i should write this on "other toys" so i'm guessing it's better if i ask for help!
first of all... i'm sorry if there is already a thread on this. i searched but couldn't find anything.

i can't find white glowsticks anywhere! i looked in several stores and on line, but no one seems to have them anymore. plus, every where i've asked, people tell me "yeah... i don't think they make them any more" confused why would they stop making a certain color? i don't think that's it.

if anyone knows where i could find them, please let me know! thank you! biggrin

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i got some last week from just a local headshop
they are still around for sure.
try out
for all your glowstick needs.

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Posted:I also got a few fairly recently at a dollar store in the mall.

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Posted:Same here ICoN. I saw some at my local party store.

hug hug wave wave

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Posted:I got one in a 4 pack from Walmart in the car section. However, that's probably a really inefficient way to collect them. They still make them thought. Good luck.


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Posted:a couple of good glowstick sites

site one

site two


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