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This is an open post to all of you. It's not just for those people you think it's for - it's for them, you and everyone else to take note of.

I've not been on HoP much for the last couple of weeks, but it seems clear to me that there has been a lot of negativity thrown around the place. Whilst I could list a few core people what I have to say applies to every member of this community. It is clear that some people are too eager to turn discussions into personal slanging matches.

This has to stop. Home of Poi is not a place for you to pick fights, throw insults and engage in petty bickering.

Before you post I ask you to consider that Home of Poi is intented as an open, friendly community of people. As a community based on the loose connection that we all spin poi, staff or the like it is often the case that members have vastly differing views to each other. Therefore I ask you to respect this fact and treat each other warmly or, at worst, not at all.

It is my wish, and I believe it is Malcolm's too, that this comunity is a welcoming, open minded, warm, understanding, supporting and forgiving community based around spinning, regardless of politics and religion. If you are not prepared to play a part in making this comunity so, then please leave now. Otherwise read on.

The 'Social Discussion' forum in particular was always going to be a tricky one to keep the peace in. People with opposing views can and do have active, intelligent discussions without descending into what resembles a pack of monkeys screaming at each other across a stream. My hope was that this forum would give us a place to have sensible, open discussions where people can express their views, and I think that this has worked most of the time.

Before you post please consider a few things, including:
- Am I making this post out of anger?
- Do I have a valid point to make?
- Am I making my point/beliefs/idea clearly enough considering the limitations of post based communication?

If the answer to any of these is NO then reconsider you post.

- Is my post likely to cause an inflamatory reaction with a particular member/s?
- Is this post part of an increasingly heated exchange between 2/3 people?

If the answer is yes then chances are you're involved in a slanging match and there's no point continuing an open argument. Not only does everyone involved look bad and the community vibe disturbed, but the simple truth is that you are not going to change the views of someone so openly opposed to your way of thinking. So, if you wish to take individual matter further I recomend you do so via email or PM.

So, please everyone, think positively before you post.

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Posted:You mean how a thread focusing on how it's disrespectful when people don't follow the guidelines degraded into people disrespecting the guidelines?

Or am I going to get flamed because I'm putting the thread back on topic?

Six months ago I violated a guideline and I still haven't heard the end of it. Probably because I was naive enough to take the Administration's requests seriously and show some respect and remorse for the board and those that were offended.

Are we going to follow the guidelines or not? I don't care either way, I'm just looking for some consistancy. Is it going to be OK if some people with certain personalities violate the guidelines while others are chastised for it? Are we going to violate specific guidelines that we disagree with? Are we going to violate the guidelines only in cases when it's really funny to do so? Or only when it's exposed by a wet blanket like myself?

I'll follow the pack, you guys tell me.

Well, shall we go?
Yes, let's go.
[They do not move.]


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Posted:i kinda agree with nyc.

my last post suggested that but i was too scared of getting called a nerd and having wet tissue thrown at me for spoiling the fun.

so i pointed out the correct place to have fun wink

if this thread was a place to have a laugh, it would be in the social chat forum.
which it isn't.

i thought charles' polite attempt to steer this back on topic would have been enough to see that the sillyness in serioustown stopped, but it seems it wasn't.

however, i didn't read all this thread before and i'm not going to now.

if anyone ever feels i am acting against the guidelines please pm me directly cos i don't read this kind of thread anymore frown


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Posted:Ok, Ok. Mea culpa. *hanging head in shame* redface I'll try to resurrect the "Waterfight" thread in Social chat.

-Mike )'(
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Posted:* VT rubbs his nipples for lightning to think hard and breathe heavy over and then walk's to the water fight thread.* biggrin tongue
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