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Posted:/rant mode on

Spun at a grand opening for this club in my city. Should have practiced a bit before hand lol. I've spun fire a whole 3 times this year before the gig. Boy did it show. Though just my luck they stop playing electronic music and went to Nine Inch Nails or something like that when i was up. Kind of screwed up my flow. Anyways, just pissed at myself. Just thought you guys should know.

blah, blah and more blah.

Oh well, i get to redeem myself tommorow night.

pfft, pfft and more pfft

/rant mode off

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Posted:Been there, done that and it sucks real bad! I feel for ya! But hey, you didn't didn't burn yourself crispy and you learned to keep up on your game, so it wasn't a bust, right?
Just gotta view it as lesson learned.
Next time you will rock the way we all know you can! You better just hope no video footage makes it's way to the site! *g*

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Posted:gives phunky a big old hug,

just hope it doesnt happen to me tonight too, i have a gig for a gay night in leeds and i havnt spun fire for 2 months maybe longer. Like i spin most nights but never with fire, the last time i light up, i was real nervous with some stuff, maybe now i have those shakey moves down it might not bother me tonight. never know you could always pass me some good luck phunky. them we can pass good energies around the board for peoples gigs.

hey theres a thought ask that club for a cd of stuff they played whilst you were spinning and get used to the different styles and beats of the music. i sometimes put on some ska or punk to spin to and then some lab4 just to mess around with.



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Posted:Muah, redemption!

Though to a smaller crowd unfortunately.




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Posted:NOTHING screws me up more than music with a beat that I'm not used to. I know that some people can spin to various beats but I suck to slow music. I end up doing my wraps too slowly which crash... and then you're trying to force the poi to go slower than they want which result in more chaos and death...

It seemed to be my luck for a while that every time I put the lighter to the wick I got a "We interrupt this DJ Tiesto mix to bring you A Simon and Garfunkel medley"

And I'm stuck with "...Liiiiiike a Briiiiiiiige over Trouuuuubled Waaaaaterss..."

Well, shall we go?
Yes, let's go.
[They do not move.]


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Posted:Try spinning to Simon and Garfunkel's 'the boxer', 'mrs robinson' or 'cecilia' - all fabulous to spin to with groovy beats


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Posted:Hey phunky bro, this will make you feel better:
I always thought it was only wussies who complained about metal twine poi injuries.
I did not know.
may the gods of fire forgive me. (monotheism pah! )
I had never seen what scarring it could cause.
last sat night i performed a forward flip at a weed party (long story) and both poi (4" wix/metal twine) wrapped around my planted wrist, causing me to land (as akwardly as a star trek fan in an adult store) on my left knee which was bandaged from a twisted from a previous night of idiocy. I went to a rave hours after!
I will replace them with ballchain asap. before then, hopeyas have better luck than I, dude!!
as for the music selections, Evil DJs are funny 'til they spin the Britney vinyl...

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