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I once had a very cool poi moves pagr (with videos) among my that Sasser virus has done in my computer, all my file are lost and I cannot find the page anymore.
All I remember is that the design was white/ light blue/aquamarine, and there was a video with a move called the Kung fu move.

Please help me, I want to find that site again....

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i think it was called mots poi page.... or

but that dosnt seem to be working for me. i just clicked on link in my favourites, and it seems to be broken. but im fairy sure that was it.

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I'm pretty sure that's the page. "Mots poi" definitely sounds familiar.
Pity that it's down. frown

Thanks for your help.

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yup - mots poi lessons. wicked site, but it's been down for ages! it went down about a month after i discovered it! grr ubbcrying

the videos were really good!! i haven't been able to find anything quite so kewl since!


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Good lessons site in the making. Stay tuned biggrin

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Hiya all, yup it was my site but it's been down for ages, a friend of mine was helping me out with a bit o webspace but he's moved on to study somewhere else and cant support me anymore frown I'm just back from a long stint of work but I'll be looking into upping it somewhere else. If anyone has any ideas please let me know. My knowledge of all things web hostie is severly limited............ I know enough that all the freebee domains are too small for all the poi vids. Anyway with a bit of luck I'll be up soon enough again. Cya around,

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hi guys,

hi mot, loving your poi site, tutorials are excelent, cant get the hang of anything behind the back and cant make raps look good but anyhow.

for my websites i use
there very very very good and reliable, always up. extremely cheap. can't wait till its back up, i loved it!!!!

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A bit late maybe... but; check out It's too complicated for me, but what I do understand:
1 gigabyte emailbox
100 MB webspace (or 300MB? don't know out the top of my head...
Hope that can be of use...

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finally got it sorted, still got lots more to do but the poi page is up and running.
Hmmm... now the rest of the stuff.

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