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Posted:Ok heres the deal (may have been done before i dont no). Does anyone else have somewhere they love to be when they are happy? Or alternatively where they retreat when they are really really really really annoyed at the world/people?

For me - Laughing place - the Roaches (its a great gritstone outcrop sorta "near rolleyes" my home city of Stoke.
Crying place (not that i cry cos i'm a macho bloke) - newhere when its tipping it down but preferably the top of a local hill where u can look over the city...which is odd cos I love rain as well.....

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spiny norman
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Posted:i love rain, its comforting when its raining and your depressed, it just fits, my bed to cry, the top row of a baseball stadium when im laughing

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Posted:I dont have a laughing place as such.

But my crying place is on my bed, under the covers with my soft toy.


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Posted:ditto to Pink. That's exactly how I am!

~ Bobo

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the top row of a baseball stadium when im laughing

ubblol ubblol ubblol ubblol Lyra, that was hilarious last year, even though I wasn't there! Did anything nearly as funny happen this time?

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Doc Lightning

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Posted:My crying place is the water. In the water, I can take out my aggressions on my own body by making it stronger.

But ANYWHERE is a great place to laugh!

-Mike )'(
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Posted:i agree that anywhere is good to laugh! for crying... i like my closet. i don't know why, it just seems conforting, like a bed, but it's like my little corner in the dark. i tend to fall asleep in my closet too! ubblol




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Posted:Crying is anywhere away from people, my room or bathrooms somewhere

Laughing is anywhere, biggrin I love to laugh, even though I have a pants laugh. But that makes me laugh at my laugh more smile


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Posted:i cry in my room. or with my friends at school if im having a [censored] day frown
but i laugh all the time, and same as GLI my laugh makes me laugh even more, which makes everybody laugh ubblol



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Posted:my crying place is near a friend i trust!
I feel loneliest when im crying so im really selfish and have to have someone there with me....

my laughing place is Edinburgh! I giggle laugh out snigger the lot!
I'm generally happier there tho my last visit seems the exception to the rule.

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Posted:at home in portsmouth its the beach biggrin
in london..havent found one yet theres to many bloody people ubblol oh no wait i live on he top floor and we have a ledge..thats pretty cool smile

oooo and yesterday i discovered another one in a park in matlock in derbyshire very pretty sat by the river felt ike a giant faery ubblol

she who sees from up high smiles

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Posted:wow, good thread. makes me think...

i'd have to say, a laughing place is anywhere with my friends.
to the arms of my best friend

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