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**Final Edit - 14th July 2006**
Well after 6 odd years of life in Sydney, i needed a change so have moved to Brisbane - thus will not be updating this again. I cannot guarantee any of the groups are still going - but have tried to insert contact details for all the key meets so you can get in touch with them.

***edit on 4/11/2010 with some links to facebook groups.

Thanx to all the lovely Sydneysiders & Novacastrians for most excellent spinning and silly goodness in the 4 odd years since i stumbles across this remarkable community.

love to all. peace out.
Ed ubbrollsmile
Right im sick of almost every single post about Sydney asking whats on. I estimate ive typed out most of this info about 20 times for those who have contacted me through the meet otters thing.
All the existing info is old/outdated, so here is the definitive Sydney thread!

8th EDITION, UPDATED 27/03/06
- be safe & be happy!
- for public transport info, call 131500, or go to, or if youre too useless to work it out yourself let me know.

Newtown juggling club **ACTIVE** juggle weavesmiley *liked by Ciara*
for more info
Date: Wednesdays, rain, hail or shine
Time: 7:30- 9:30PM
Cost: $6 for hall hire
Location: St Stephens hall, Church st, Newtown.
- Train: Go to newtown station, walk out of station, turn right, walk up the main rd. cross on to the left side of the road, turn left into church st. a shop called 'Holy Sheet' is on the corner. Walk about 80 meter down the road, the hall is on the left. You will hear loud banging noises. If you walk past and old church or park, you've gone too far.
- Bus: any bus that goes along king st newtown. Check a street map before hand, and get off near the holy sheet store on the corner. Follow directions as above.
- Car. Turn into church st from king st, you can park inside the hall grounds.
Who Turns Up: Lovely old friends of mine, but no-one really from HoP.
What youll see: mainly clubs- lots of passing, but also balls, diabolo, unicycles, hats, blocks, hula hoops, and sometimes some poi.

Vibe: reasonably serious & focussed - mostly jugglers - lotsa club passing, but with moments of silliness. usually one or two poiers about. Generally a fun night.

UNSW CircusSoc **ACTIVE** juggle weavesmiley *liked by Ciara*

Date & Time: check out their website above.
Location: Library Lawn, *apparently changed to the oval behind the Roundhouse bar*
Directions: from Central Station, cross Eddy avenue to get to bus stops. Multiple buses will take you to UNSW. work it out. I think the 860 is the express bus.
At the uni, find a map or ask someone for directions.
Car: I can be bothered. Get a map.
Who turns up: I know a couple of the spinners but none who are Hoppers

The crew & regulars who used to run this are no longer, though its possible its still going
Dates: Every Thursday, except when raining.
Time: anytime after 8:30-9pm, but is variable. Goes till 11-midnightish. Attendance is a bit temporamental over winter.
Location: Jubiliee Park, Glebe pt rd, Glebe. [also called bicentennial park]
How to get there:
To get to glebe pt rd
- Public transport. From town hall stn or central stn, catch 431 or 433 bus. tell driver your going to glebe. they drive down Parramatta rd, then turn right into glebe pt rd. tell the drive to drop you as far down glebe pt rd as possible. Walk the rest of the way
- Driving. Get on Parramatta rd, turn into glebe point rd at broadway shopping centre.

To find the park
Go as far down glebe pt rd as possible. go down the hill at the end, and youll see a park next to a river, with a suspension bridge on the right. We'll ususally be somewhere within 15 meters of the carpark

Who turns up:
Anywhere between 6 and 30... numbers are a bit irregular.
What youll see
Fire & glow - poi, staff, doubles, contact staff, rope dart, contact doubles, an occasional unicycle and juggler - a general bit of everything, with the focus on teaching.
Relaxed & cruizy. Mostly a social thing to randomly chat, and spin.
what to bring : kerosene, general stuff, a few cushions & beers, and toys of course!
toilet facilities : the tree.

SURCAS - Sydney University Recreational Clowning Around Society **ACTIVE** juggle weavesmiley
Facebook group:
Date & time: Usually 2 weekdays per week during semester from 12-2pm-ish. Check the link above.
Location: Sunken Lawn [halfway between library & manning building], Sydney Uni.
Directions: once you get to the uni, find a map or ask some one directions. Most people are pretty helpful & friendly.

To get to the uni
Train: to redfern station, walk out, turn left, follow the steady flow of uni student to the uni.
Bus: any bus running up/down Parramatta rd. get off at footbridge theatre. Ask the bus driver if unsure.
Car: off Parramatta rd. park where ever you can.

Who Turns Up: no idea anymore...
What youll see: everything.
Vibe: relaxed uni feel. Usuallly head to the bar afterwards for a drink in the afternoon sun.

Also have occasional evening BBQs. will post details as they come.

Macpyros - Macquarie Uni Pyros **POSSIBLY ACTIVE** juggle weavesmiley
Facebook group:
Date: Thursday evenings, during semester
Time: 5pm onward - usually till 8pmish
Location: on the grass out the
back of the
bar (near Lake Yerbery)
Directions: if youre driving, look at a map. by public transport, youll have to catch a bus to macquarie uni. if you cant handle working it out by yourself, PM me
Who Turns Up: no idea.
What youll see: firey stuff
Vibe: only been once, but it seemed friendly.

Stone Circle Fire & Drums **ACTIVE**weavesmiley
Facebook group:
Date: Friday - closest to a full moon from September-ish to April-ish.

Time: after 10pm
Location: The Stone Circle is on the cliff point just south of Bondi Beach (between Bondi Beach and Tamarama Beach). If standing on Bondi beach looking south towards Bronte you will see a cliff - the circle is on the edge of it, protruding over the ocean. You will see a big park up there (Marks Park) - its where you see people flying kites during the day.

Directions: To get there by public transport the 380 bus from Bondi Junction is the easiest way - get off on Fletcher St (one stop after the stop on Denham St, when bus turns off Bondi Rd) and walk to the end of Fletcher street (in the same direction as the bus was going) until you reach the park and walk across the park towards the ocean - you'll see the circle when you reach the other side of the park.

If walking from Bondi Beach, walk south up Campbell Parade and then turn left into Sandridge Rd and then take the first left into Fletcher St and you'll get to the park. If you're adventurous take the walkway that goes along the cliffs from Bondi Beach, that starts behind Bondi Icebergs. If you dont know where that is, probably best to follow the road...

Who Turns Up: random spinners, drummers, and dancers.

what to bring: drums/percussion, firesticks/pois, warm clothes (it can get pretty windy up there), beer etc, candles/lanterns (if you've got some handy) and friends.

Vibe: an interesting mix of hippy and eastern suberbs trendiness - generally a very fun crazy dancy night. this is one of my favourite meets - everyones really friendly.

who turns up: Me and a few others occaisonally. visit for more info, or PM me.
What they are : uber cool electronic dance parties out in the middle of nowhere, with the sweet sound of bass echoing through the hills. Normally psytrance, but blends into trance, d&b, and a few others styles as well. Being completely away from anything, you can do anything you want, but just respect the rights of others to have fun as well.

Every wednesday night theres a Fire and Drums meet near the surf club on the beach. Its a very family friendly vibe and a very fun night. Ive only been once - but i recommend make it if you can!

I think theres used to be something on Wedneday nights at the Uni. I also hear rumours of a Full Moon gathering as well.

Newcastle **ACTIVITY UNKNOWN** [Old link]

Apparently theres a crew out at Charles Sturt University in Bathurst. I know nothing else about them, but your welcome to search for them if your out that way.

please let me know if you know of any other gatherings.

hugs, love, & peace to all!
hug2 peace kiss

EDITED_BY: Dentrassi (1293072399)

"Here kitty kitty...." - Schroedinger.

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Where is that?

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I just moved from Melbourne to Sydney and keen to hook up with other twirlers. I'm located in the West (Quakers Hill). Please let me know if there is a regular get together somewhere in Sydney :))

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