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Posted:Okay - here is a totally self-serving question smile
(Actually - we are a non profit association, and we're just tryin' to make ends meet )

I just finished filming the 2nd Annual world Fireknife Competition in American Samoa.
Last year, we used just the finalists for the dvd - and we filled in with the local dance groups who performed. We ended up with a nicely balanced dvd.
I've been thinking that this year we should do one dvd like that, and another made up of just the fireknife dancers....all of them.
My question is this : would such a dvd even sell, or would it be just a few fire nuts who would be interested ?


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Posted:i would prob buy it, but i am a fire nut...

rolleyeslooks around for reasurrance?

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Posted:I might buy it, but once again i am also a firenut. would have to be shipped and all though.

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Posted:After looking at the website Teejay, I'd definitely buy it, finances allowing of course smile

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