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I'm looking for a cheap source of kevlar. I'm looking to buy at least one roll to start with but will probably get more, Someone got any ideas?

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Umm go shopping maybe

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I've looked round loads and HOP is where I buy mine.

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in germany it is

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i get mine from Firetoys.co.uk.

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Is where I get mine, good prices I think.

take a look through the web ring of firedancing pages. you can find it in the "other similar sites" and "other links" pages.

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Just checking to see if anyone has anything more to share on this topic?!!!

Ive been looking on t'internet nd for the uk HOP does seem the cheapest and easyist!
Do people agree or have any of you got a secret cheaper supply?!!

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i got some great kevlar from a stall at glasto for fiver a metre already cut into half metre lengths. stall was called poipoi.com but came home put that into my browser n a japanese site came up so dunno how to find the buggers again!

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Written by: funken

in germany it is

Note the HoP will generally be MUCH cheaper in both cost per unit and probably for delivery than this site mentioned above, even if you live in Germany.

does anyone know if I would have to pay the VAT tax for ording from HoP. I had to in South Africa, but I suspect not here in Germany... yes, no?

but even if you do have to pay it, the VAT would have to be about 100% for it to be more expensive to order from HoP than the link above (and I know it happens to be 16%, not 100%).

even in the states, it was cheaper and faster to give the HoP shop my business when ordering wick.


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Are you sure it wasn't poipoi.info?

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also check https://www.oddballs.co.uk

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