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Addressing the experienced spinners:
People sometimes think that they know Poi or can do every move wink . . . so a question that crosses my mind from time to time: How far are we at the moment ? How far can we take Poi ?

In my oppinion we made the first steps in discovering what is possible. But we are far away of what is possible (from what i have seen so far; havent met arashi yet).

Like we have build a Piano. Far from being perfect, with many keys missing - but we are able to play in a way that it sound (looks) nicely - still we are far away from playing real songs.

For me technical spinning is a very important part of the whole concept (dancing, moving, flowing . . . ). You can play a nice melody on a piano with 8 keys - but using the whole piano just offers more possibilities !

So if you think you know Poi:
- Do you really know how to control your timting?
(Keeping the Timing, Shifting between the timings, e.g. try a 2:1 Butterfly )
- Do you have real control over your moves?
(A 5 beat BHB should not be more difficult to play as a normal 3 beat)
- Can you do all "basic" combinations ?
(Basic not as easy but rather no wrap/isolation/extension/turn/throw/pass... e.g. 4BeatTTN BHB)
- Can you do all "advanced" combinations ?
- etc....

Of course you dont have to do all this !
Again the comparison with a piano: You can play for your enjoyment, the enjoyment of others or you can try to push the art . . . and I would like to know how far we can go !?!

My Opinion so far - whats yours ?



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quote nyc:
"A smaller definition of "moves" and "poi" would lend someone to believe that we are almost done, or even that the Maori have already done every "poi" move (any thing that they didn't do isn't poi, right Glass?)"

I don't understand what I'm meant to be agreeing with?
whats that all about explainy pleasey nyc

in answer the the original question
oooh about 1/4 to 1/2 of the way if you count in moves.
(But 95-100% of those that *i think* are worth knowing are known already {not necessarily by me.})
Umm about 1/A Big Number if you want to include style, dancing and polishing.

or did you want me to say something wanky like:Tthere is only one move. wink

why isn't there a smilie for swing? hug <--thats closest
Let go on 5 apparently wink

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As far as we feel and I feel after 4 years still ready to continue , and u ? ubbrollsmile


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or did you want me to say something wanky like: There is only one move. wink


well, i understood all of that last post.
there were no dodgy puns or cryptic hints.
please edit and glassify.

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what about let go on 5??
non-criptic?? smile
and for once I am talking about beats
christ I mean coleman, yourr right,
I guess I'm getting old, whatever next...
I'll start turning up at spitz every week and chasing little crunchy mini-girls

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agree with. Dragon, dom, coleman, glass.

to go to original post.

im pretty good on two planes,

complete begginer on 4

dont really go for moves, dont give a fig anout 5bt btb. timing is getting there, just nailing the last major one.

got pleanty of things left to do, but im enjoyiong just cleaning up at the mo. sorting my movement out. getting down to the nitty gritty.

on infinte space (or non-infinate space thats mearly very very large).

infinity in maths is one thing, and infinity in scale is another. as coleman says infinty is a slippery geezer.

Im a newbie poi player, about 1.5 years serious, but i have experanced all the states dom descibes, including the one unmentioned, because you cant name it. depends on my day.

how far are you?

who is the one more trustworthy that all the buddas?

T wave

This is a post by tom, all spelling is deleberate
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I agree, infinity is a weird thing to think about.

I reckon there is probably a finite number of distinguishable moves (and I kind of think i know what I mean by that, but I think im probably going to have problems explaining).

I think what I mean by distinguishable move, is you have a robot programmed and built that can do poi. Every different thing it does is a different distinguishable move. Its got something that makes it distinct from any other move every time you do it. So like a weave and butterfly are distinguishable to the robot. It can tell the difference between them but that funky five beat where you stick you're tongue out and wiggle you're elbow or what ever is no different from a five beat to the robot.

However I think there is probably not a finite number of ways you can do a move, as everytime you do a move it is a bit different from last time you did it.

I personally can't imagine there being many more distinguishable moves, from what I can do, but I know there is, people here talk about moves I cant imagine. So maybe there is a lot more, its impossible to extrapolate I think.

But I can imagine there being many more different ways to do moves, which I think is the important thing, because there is not that many 'distinguishable moves' anyway. (or not that many I can think of, and im pretty sure there was a thread a while ago listing most of them)

This is all what I think I think, and I think its basically the same as what most of everyone else thinks. So its probably a bit pointless.

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Actually, I misrepresented you Glass. My "Glass" reference was to your "Should we be calling these things poi?" thread. One school of thought is that: "If it isn't Maori, it isn't poi". That's not necesarily your opinion but one brought up by your question and thread.

And Glass, the cool kids let go on 4... but you're not there yet. If you let go on 4, you're cutie's got more time to shine... and everyone wants that. ubblove You gotta be quick though... in on 3 out on 4, and keep your hat on and your shoes shined. I used to let go on 4... back when I was good. I don't even really remember 4 anymore. Let alone 1-3 and 5-8. wink

Well, shall we go?
Yes, let's go.
[They do not move.]

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What i know how to do, in the grand scheme of things, is nothing.

I know i know nothing.

And so I know all i need to know.

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