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Posted:I was just wondering today what it's like for antipodeans having spin upsidedown all the time. I imagine that the gravity pulling the poi upwards would make everything realy quite strange or do you have special poi with the same type of gravitational properties as your "hats-with-corks-on-strings"?

Has anyone on this side of the globe tried to simulate these conditions by hanging themselves upsidedown while spinning? Is it as much fun as it seems in my head?

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Posted:Hmm, interesting. Though i think that if you kept a constant speed it wouldn't really affect your spinning. Other than small things, like btl moves would be a bit more dangerous.

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Posted:I spose it's cus our toilets flush clockwise. wheeee. we've got better toilets 'ere matey! yep it's the bee's knees to live as an anti-..antip-....anti-... wheeeee!
/runs away in a panic, tripping over a giant QLD cockroach and passes out.

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Posted:to conclude this deate, i propose someone stand in a toilet bowl, wearing a cork hat, spinning poi, and then have someone press the flush button which should start you spinning around in a clockwise direction~!
(i don't think this will actually prove anything, but it'd be damn funny to see )

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Posted:lol, i took this post too seriously. Don't feel like an idiot.