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Posted:I went to a party last night, and damn, it just sucked. Talent wise it was fairly good, had richard humpty vission, dj rap, dj rectangle, electric skychurch and some good local dj's. Though it also had alot of bad local dj's. But anyways, despite this, I still was bored out of my mind. Didn't help that security took my glowsticks and strings because they were afriad I'd "hit somebody in the eye". Which was complete crap, I never spin anywhere near people and was off in a corner where nobody even had to walk near me. The guy was a complete ass about it too. So that happened, plus they took my chapstick, the spf 30 kind, whats up with that? Are people hiding drugs in them now? It was new too

So basically I got bored and annoyed and the party really wasn't all that great. Vibe sucked too. Plus I felt old, it was all ages and there were all these little annoying teens and preteens running around asking me for rolls. Honestly, 30 people asked me for them, all little kids. Normally I'm like whatever but it started to get really old. Although I do admit my 45 inch tiger fuzz/khaki phat pants probably don't help to reinforce my colombian drug lord appearance at raves, but still, damn annoying. And I like those pants.

Ok, now I'm rambling. Summery, parties have lately began to suck, this one the most, starting to wonder why I even go. I think it's time to loose the strings, which isn't hard cause that guy took mine, and get some fire heads for my chains.

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Posted:I told you that the other week. Don't feel you have to listen to me though....

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