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Posted:Well have you saw this a lot? there
Well at least in my country it happens a lot for what i consider a spinner
Most of the ppl doing that i consider them spinners since they wont dance with the music they are just there spinning without fallowing the music and doing move just for doing them...
Thats something i dont find cool dunno...
IF you dance at a club you are supposed to dance not to spin!(well at least in my humble opinion dunno what you think tell me what you think in the replies:p )

other thing i find that a dancer is a way more skilled than the spinners cause they gotta worry aobut the rythm of the music the fallowing of the music move yer body at the rythm of the music! and many shit while the spinner just gotta focus in the tricks and that is i guess...

What you ppl think about this? ;p

Dance like if noone were watching you

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Posted:People only just spin is because there probably not good enough to worry about the beat of the music and to spin to it. Give them sometime to get better and they'll start spinning to the music. None of us when started to spin danced to the music, we were more worried about not getting hit in the face by a reverse weave.


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Posted:I've found that the Poi have a limited range of speeds. Too fast and they're dangerous, not only to you, but to tripping, rolling, drooling idiots who will walk right through your act. Too slow and the strings don't stay straight. So that limits your ability to stay with the beat.

I don't spin well when I try to spin to the beat. I spin best when the beat moves me.


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