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Posted:Well, i thought rather than distract from the lurking portion of the other thread I would move our tv rants here...

first of all, i agree, i despise big brother, altho the idea itself isn't that bad .... the fact that everyone watches it is what's scary.

As far as original tv shows, and teh lack thereof. .... Here are my submissions.

1. I don't know if the simpsons is original or not per se, and it's about 12 yrs old. but it's still reasonably worth watching, altho if i'm not home i'm not home. otherwise, it falls during sunday dinner time.

2. Malcolm in the Middle. I haev no idea if this is aired in otehr countries or not. I don't know if it's original or just good, but that fact is it manages to be a pretty decent show most of teh time.... IMO, of course.

3. The Sopranos. Might or might not be original, certainly pretty well done. Altho I've seen very little of it.

4. Six Feet Under. At least kind of original, not as trashy as most other things. I still wouldn't watch it, but then, I don't watch tv.

5. Queer as Folk. Two versions, british and canadian (canadian airs in US). Technially, it's nothing more than a graphic soap opera. I'll give them soe points for originality tho since they chose to make a soap opera that's mostly about gay guys. And, i just happen to like the show. I think there is a second season in both versions, so far. I need to watch teh whole british version..... (supposedly they've split way off from each other in story line by now, but i don't know.)

6. 24. Again, I don't know if this is aired anywhere else, but it *is* original. It's fairly well done, in fact, it's doen by a guy who's work i usually rather admire, Joel Surnow. Now, i still don't watch the show, but i admit what i've seen is well done, and, it's original.

now, i found a few examples. so mebbe tv isn't hopeless..... then again, think about how much is on every day, and how many might, might arguably be original or decent..... :shivers:

anyhow, feel free to add or detract from that

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