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Well, finally after about 2 months of work, i have finally finished the sequel to the first Tekno Turtles Compilation, TT2, and I must say it turned out exactly how I had planned and even better. In the time period between this video and the last, I believe that stringing in SA has been taken to a new level, with so many new concepts and so much talent. People take stringing very serious down here, sometimes even TOO serious sadly. But thanks to that I have seen moves and combos performed and even invented my own, that I never would have imagined possible about a year ago. Its incredible what glowstringing has become in such a short period of time. Its like, you can't even go to the mall without running into a stringer, when about a year ago I was amazed to have even known that there were more stringers in SA besides me and my friends. Stringing has changed my life in so many ways i cant even begin to explain. I've met people I would have never have imagined I would meet and have made so many friends its insane not only here in SA but in the world!!

So anyways, about the video. Its about 18 minutes long, with a 1 minute intro and a 1 minute outro roughly. It features 12 different members from TT icluding ALL the originals. It also includes a few other stringers from TT in the credits. This video is by far my best yet, and even though I had said this would be my last compilation project, who knows? Although its EXTREMELY doubtful there may be a TT3 maybe next year or the next after that.

Anyway These are the things to watch for in this video.

1.Titles - The titles are AWESOME and took me a long while to make using cool 3D. I individual designed each logo to fit each stringer. The product is movie quality as you will see.

2.Wraps - Lots of awesome new combos, MUCH more than TT1.

3.Technical crossers / poi - Some pretty crazy crossers mainly from ditty and leo.

4.Leds - The ones I use in my part were a product of my friend Myron and myself's brainstorming. As well as all the leds used in the vid were mine.

5.Extensions and Hand Mind Games - These moves are basically whats hot right now in SA in glowstringing. Brought in by none other than bomb lol straight outta HOME OF POI!!! Ha

6.Sub-titles - These titles display the name of the move/combo that is being performed, mainly moves which are signature moves of that individual stringer.

7.On Ditty's part, watch closley to his hands AS well as all of the the stringers in the vid. You may think we're doin a move that is simple because you dont noticed where our hands are!!!

Note : Straight Jacket - Where your arms are inter-crossed in a relaxed manner as your mother would have them if you did something wrong and awaited an explanation lol.

With that said, enjoy the vid as much I have making it!!!!

TT2 - The Sequel

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yeah if anyone know where to get it, or if they have it put it on the web somewhere. i think it might be worth it.charge admissoin i dont care just gimme gimme gimme

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they're just that good because they are robots some one programed to all thoose things.........i could do it i just dont want to wink

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still no working links to the TT2 vid for me, i must be doomed indeed.

would appreciate some help, pleeeeeeeeze

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yeah me too from what im reading a fair bit of hype on tis, really want to see it but it says page not available or something. whats the crac! ubbrollsmile ubbrollsmile ubbrollsmile

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i cant see it, could someone email it to me, , or post a new link?


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