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Posted:Why is it that when i "make" my edited version, that its only 1/2 the quality of the origonal? Plz help.

Im using windows movie maker. I had real good profesional editing software but never use it so i deleted it...now i have a video...freakin Murphys law. ubbloco

Is there anyway to make the fottage clearer (or keeping it decent)...or do i have to get a "friend" to burn me a copy of Prem or something better?

*Actually it rivals only Benders for quality wink* Maybee i should keep it like that ubblol

Oh yea...if you wanna see the "teaser" pm me your e-mail.

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Posted:ummm i nuffink about microsoft video editing solutions.
try downloading 'virtualdub' for all your freely downloadble opensource video compositing packing needs wow

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