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Well now... am thinking of moving to Australia (currently in NZ) in the next couple of months.... I returned to NZ about 6 months ago from Scotland where I was involved in lots of fire performing but there is not enough fire happening for me in NZ... not enough population to sustain someone who wants to do fire more professionally .... Am thinking of heading to Melbourne.. was there a little while ago checking the place out and it seemed pretty darn cool.. but my main question to anyone is... is there any fire troupes out there looking for more members??? ... that I could perform with even if it means travelling around etc.... I have a years of experience in poi, single and double staff (especially double staff), make-up, costume etc. Essentially I want to move somewhere where I can do more fire performing like I did in Scotland... if anyone has any ideas..... please please send me a PM or something cos it is hard to find out where to go when in NZ! umm

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