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Posted:This is a thread for all you lurkers, you regulars can share your views on lurking too.
I have been lurking in the shadows of this site since about November or so, a couple
of months after I strarted spinning fire.
I read almost everthing on here whenever I have regular computer access. I have learned
a lot from the technical and moves discussions. I have often wanted to post a question or
idea, only to find a brand new post saying just what I wanted to say. The number of times
that this has happened is stunning.
I also read almost all of the social discussions, but I don't really learn about spinning fire
from those posts. I keep myself quite busy with a bit of work and a lot of playing so it seems
like I could easily find a better use for the time that I spend lurking on HoP. It is entertaining
though, I've never seen survivor or any of those other 'reality' programs, but maybe I like
home of poi for the same reasons people like those shows Having never seen Survivor
my opinion isn't really justified, but I hate that show with great passion. I spent two
years in Asia and came home just before the final show of the first survivor, which I had not
even heard of, one of the first things I did when I got out of the airport was look at a newspaper
to see what was happening back home, all of the newspapers had big survivor stories on the front
page - it was almost enough to make me turn around and leave North America again. Anyways,
bulletin boards like HoP really seem to cater to that same desire to anonymously observe people to the point
of feeling like you know them. I feel like I know a lot of you and that is really a bizarre feeling
considering that none of you have any idea who I am or who any of the other lurkers are.
Even if I do lurk here for the same reasons that people watch mind numbing crap on tv
I am going to continue lurking. The people here are so much more beautiful, wise, funny,
or at least wierd enough to be interesting than any TV show could ever find.
I want to ask you lurkers out there to step out of the shadows (even briefly) and tell the
rest of this virtual community why you lurk.
My second question goes back to my survivor rant. I have had a ridiculous number of people,
upon seeing me carrying torches and bamboo torches and all the other firely sorta gear, ask me
if I was going to play survivor. This really aggravates me and deepens my dislike of that show.
That subversive piece of television crap did it's best to ruin everything remotely tribal. Anyways, has
this happened to other people?

end of rant, time to scurry back to the shadows

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Posted:You know, it's interesting how people are different. I got told to check this site out, and the first thing i did after doing a search was post questions....

from there i went on to wander over to this little social room and i saw another person had a hi thread up so i made one
i learned my lesson about hello threads

but i post to the point where i should just shut up, kinda like real life and talking. so i do find it interesting to hear the otehr side... hullo

and i despise survivor, and also north american pop culture, (at least most of it)

happy lurking

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Posted:I find myself lurking for similar reasons, that's to say that anything i WAS going to say has already been said! I find it's quicker to search the forums for a topic rather than start a new thread (thanks Pele!).

As for your survivor rant, i wholeheartedly agree. It kinda started to take off over here in Australia, i think we've got out own version of it running now. Then we get spinoffs like 'Shipwrecked'.....okay, i'm about to take my rant off onto two tangents, so here goes....

Rant A:
I'm pretty sure you've got it in the US, but i can tell you it's huge here. It's called Big Brother....

Now for those that don't know (and i imagine you to be in the minority) Big Brother is a show where a bunch of hapless civilians get locked in a compoud that is completely covered by surveillance equipment, a la 1984. Cameras and microphones everywhere, kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, so the housemates every move can be monitored and broadcast on national television, updates given hourly on the radio, 24hr webcasts over the internet. The housemates are given challenges, and every so often have to vote someone out (very much like survivor). Last person in the house gets the prizemoney.

In itself, i think the idea is novel and very relative to modern society. But when it gets sensationalised and shoved into everyones faces, and becomes so goddamn popular that people will actually pay $100 or more for C-class tickets to go to an 'Eviction Party' (large episode of the show when someone gets voted out) that gets held like a rock concert, it starts to get a bit much.

It's just a bunch of everyday people sitting in a house doing what a big voice tells them to do. They have (mostly staged) personal dramas with each other, and the public eats it all up and asks for seconds. I see people talking about it all the time, i see it tying up time on the radio an TV, it's on billboards everywhere and in newspapers and magazines. It has it's OWN magazine. Then it really makes my guts turn when i see these eviction parties where people dress up like the people in the house. It's like some sick kind of cult almost. How something like that can get so grossly popular is a scary reflection on the kind of society we live in. The word 'voyeurism' keeps coming to mind....

Rant B:
Television SUCKS. I don't watch tv anymore except for maybe the Simpsons and Buffy. Even then, i'll only sit down to watch if it happens to be on and there's NOTHING else to do, maybe even watch it while i'm practicing or doing the washing.

There is nothing original on TV anymore. It's all spin-off, reality based, cop show, lawyer show, copy-cat CRAP. I can't remember the last time something truly original came on tv. Usually when it did, it died a quick death. What gets me is the fact that the original shows die because nobody watches them. I think people are afraid and will only go with what they know. They only feel comfortable watching the same crap that gets repeated to them several hundred times a week. "When animals attack #35" "Worlds stupidest drivers #58"....

I can't say that there's a lack of originality out there, i'm sure that there's a ton of great ideas that won't come to light. What frightens me is that all of us watching tv actually WANT the same things repeated to us, and won't watch something new. It's looking like a trend where people don't want anything new or fresh. They don't like change.

I for one am terrified by that idea. There'd be nothing exciting anymore, no more surprises, no progress, no new achievements. It would keep going until it all became the same repetetive crap. If everyone only stuck with what they knew, the human race would go nowhere.

Whew, that was alot! Hope i didn't bore you all too much


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Posted:I lurked for ages when you could post without being a member, my posts can be idetified by the '?' after the name. I was unshure at first about exposing my online persona fully to the site but after a while realised what lovely peeps we have here and became a fully signed up member.

I think HoP works as a comunity site where others have failed because its gathering premise is spiunning fire, not making a comunity. It is this basis in the 'real' rather than 'virtual' world that creates the comunity aswell as the internet's power to unite peaple sepereated by long distance, perfect for global but minority intrests such as firespinnin.



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how do u do it...sound like u are a professional lurker to me;).
i never lurk i just can't keep my trap shut...i mean i TRIED lurking here...but i just couldn't...
oh well
as to Big Brother and other realtiy crap...maybe u don't know but the hype started in germany a year or so ago then other countries came and started them too. but don't worry it will pass. herabouts nobody talks about that crap any more and BB died after the 3rd running cause nobody watched it any more;)

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Posted:I keep trying to lurk but I seldom manage it. I always manage to find a thread with, either, some reference to me or somebody has unwittingly supplied me with a feed line for me to supply a witty answer.

I wouldn't say I ever "lurked" per se. But I did keep a low profile for ages because i didn't think my opinion was valid. took me a big long while before I had enough confidence to post anything.

More than made up for it since though.

People even seem to care about me nowadays - which is strange....

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Posted:er either it was my hastily swallowed muesli bar or your brill post that give me this warm feeling in that tired organ i call my heart.

I lurked for aboot half an Earth year, then coudn't contain myself as my passion for whirly firey got me chatty!
I find it hard to lurk as many of the topics here are so pertinent to my wandering thoughts - and the forum atmosphere(tm) here is so nice, i read it with a ballerina outfit on (it's a schoolgirl outfit when the ballerina outfit's in the wash.)
At least it's even more comfortable to lurk now that we can tell how many readers are online at the same time. Let's just hope that video conferencing doesn't get adopted on this forum, cuz i only have 2 HoP outfits...

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Posted:BYO..you have HoP outfits? Sheesh, I work here and I don't have even one!

I lurked for a long time before I posted, well...the board had been up for about 4 months or so when I started reading, and for about 8 months when I started posting (I think). I am one of those people who wanted to be sure that I could add to a conversation instead of detract. I didn't want to sound too cuturally stupid or anything (as I was uncertain as to the subculture of spinning) when I became involved. My observation was to learn and ease myself in. I think I even said when I introduced myself that I had only been reading about a week or something like that because I didn't want to freak anyone out by being a lurker.
Anyway, mine was more of an information gathering type thing. I do the same thing at gatherings of people when I first get there. I lurk and hide until I get the feel for it.

As for Surivor and such shows, they are compelling just to watch the stupid mistakes people make. I also like to compare survival notes to discuss with friends what we would do in similar situations. Other than that though, I think the politics end up ruining it, much like the Real World on MTV was good it's first year and then became too much of a set up.
Right now though we don't have television hooked up. We need cable for any form of good reception and we turned it off because of the fire we had, but have left it off because of the nice weather. It encourages us to be out and active more. If we want to watch anything I have an extensive video library from which to choose. I find I spend much more quality time with things/people I love now rather than wasting away in front of the "boob tube"
Speaking of....off to do laundry and show my son how to do a proper cartwheel!

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Posted:I suppose I didn't lurk here for the same reason I lurk in real life.... its too difficult to be shy here (whereas in real life I find it to easy to be the 'freakishly tall one thats stood at the back somewhere over there and doesn't really talk much'). I dont really know if I add or detract to conversations. I jst add my tuppence worth if I feel I have something to add.

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Posted:I lurked for for a couple months before posting. Probably didn't post because i didn't know anyone type of thing. I probably would have stayed lurking if it weren't for a particular thread that irked my anger. The rest is history



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I'm going with Pele on the lurkin' thang!
Need to get into the culture, know the jargon, and have enought knowledge to hold a valid opinion before posting anything.
I have only been lurking and twirling for a week now so I still don't have that much knowledge to throw around!
As for BB and TV in general..ARGHHHH!! At least the TV gives me a place to put things ontop of!!! One thing I don't get is the "Reality" in reality TV? I think I live in reality, yet my house isn't watched by millions of people every day, and I don't vote anyone out every week (I live by myself so it's kind-a-hard!!) SO where o where is the "Reality" in reality TV I ASK!!!

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Posted:I lurked for a couple of weeks...well, I studied poi from the excellent lessons on this site for a couple of weeks, occasionally reading the bb for a couple of weeks!

I'm with Pele and the others in that I wouldn't post on a bb without lurking for long enough to get an idea of the culture of the place. Imho it's pefectly reasonable to lurk until you feel comfortable, although if you lurk for much longer than that you are starting to stray into the realm of the voyeur (sp?).



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Posted:finally some people against reality tv shows!! (when you live in a small place like here entertainment is hard to find for people who havent discovered the beauty of fire art) i dont know if it still exists, but there was a site called survivorsux.com which was pretty funny.


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Posted:lurkin's fun...besides, mostly if i find a post that i can add experience to, a more tralkative fella's already said my part...

kill yr TV



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